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Better fundraisers happen with Network for Good. Exceed your fundraising goals, connect with donors & advance your mission using our all-in-one fundraising software.
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"I love Simple & Smart Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits | Network for Good"

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Why Network for Good?ReviewsProductDonor ManagementCommunicationOnline FundraisingMeasurement & TrackingEvents & AuctionsOverviewAll-In-One PlatformEverything You Need From a Fundraising SoftwareFeaturesDonor ManagementOrganize and Manage Contacts EffortlesslyOnline FundraisingTransform Your Online Fundraising With a Few ClicksCommunicationsCommunicate With a Personalized TouchEvents & AuctionsHost your most successful fundraising event everMeasurement & TrackingEasily Understand Your Fundraising Campaign ResultsMoney Back Guarantee. The only fundraising software that guarantees your nonprofit's success. Terms and conditions apply.Get a Free DemoPricingResourcesBlog PostsGuides & TemplatesWebinars & EventsCase StudiesPodcastLogin Request a Demo The only fundraising software that guarantees your nonprofit's success.Make 2022 your best fundraising year!We guarantee you'llraise more in your firstyear or your money back.Terms and conditions applyGet a Free Fundraising DemoRequest PricingYour nonprofit'ssuccess guaranteed.We guarantee you'llraise more in your firstyear or your money back.Terms and conditions applyRequest a Demo html:not(.om-position-floating-top) body.admin-bar header.header{ top: 30px !important }html body .fe-nav-content .btn:before{ z-index: -1;}html body .fe_nav-text p{ padding:0; margin:0;}html body.fe-tooltip-show .fe-Overlay-N4G4 {position: fixed;top: 0px;left: 0px;width: 100%;height: 100%;background: #ffffffd1;z-index: 999;}html body.fe-tooltip-show {position: relative;}html body.fe-tooltip-show header.header {overflow: visible;}body.fe-tooltip-show {overflow: hidden;}html body header.header {position: fixed;left: 0;right: 0;top: 0;z-index: 99;overflow: hidden;height: 92px;} html body.admin-bar header.header { top: 30px; 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See how Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising tools with built-in templates and best practices will make this year your easiest one yet!Get a Free DemoSee How It Works Built for you — the small nonprofit making an impact.I need to ...Organize and manage contacts effortlesslyCommunicate with a personalized touchRaise funds online with easeMeasure and track progress confidently Organize and leverage your contact and donor data, and uncover key insights to drive informed decisions.Explore Donor Management Build meaningful relationships with your supporters through personalized appeals and heartfelt thank yous.Explore Communication Attract new donors, increase gift amounts, and drive repeat giving with beautifully branded giving pages.Explore Online Fundraising Visualize campaign progress, year-to-date giving, retention rates, and more with a real-time, interactive dashboard.Explore Measurement & Tracking new! Introducing Events & Auctions!Host your most successful event ever with our new fundraising events and auctions software. Reach more supporters with an online or hybrid event and boost your ROI with our simple, smart auction platform.Explore Events & Auctions We'll help you... Manage all your fundraising activities in one place.Stop paying for multiple tools and storing important donor data in spreadsheets or clunky databases. Network for Good puts everything you need to fundraise at your fingertips.See the All-In-One Software“We chose Network for Good because it suits our needs the best. Other platforms had too many functions and options that we’d never use. Plus, I like having our fundraising platform and database come from one source.”Emily Dean Managing DirectorAtlas Preparatory School Build better relationships with your donors.Simple ways to connect with your donors through email, text message, personal videos, and direct mail.Explore Communication Tools“We LOVE the video messaging. The feedback we get is amazing… we’ve had people text us after they received their video to tell us that they were in tears over their personal messages. The system is user-friendly and you guys have just been great. Thank you so much for everything.”Jessica Chapman, CFRE Director of DevelopmentChild Abuse Prevention Association Become a more confident fundraiser.We know fundraising can be complicated, so we’re here to help. Create a beautiful, branded fundraising page in minutes using our guided tool and expert recommendations. Plus, free data migration and onboarding support is always included.Learn about Fundraising Pages“What is not to LOVE! Data migration is excellent! I have ALWAYS received help and/or answers to questions right away. If the person that I spoke with did not know the answer, they were always willing to have someone else get with our office to answer the questions.”Jamie Brown Chaplain & AdministratorMadison County Sheriff’s Department Chaplaincy Program Collaborate with your team.Share tasks and set reminders to improve collaboration with your team, volunteers, and board.Start Working Better as a Team“We’re really happy with Network for Good. After we’ve had it, I don’t know how we could survive without it. My life is so much easier.”Kyle Yepsen Development DirectorCreatiVets You need the right tools to advance your mission.Get StartedSmall nonprofits across the country rely on Network for Good to grow their good.Hear from nonprofit leaders and fundraisers like you.Seton Center doubled its fundraising results since switching to Network for Good.Play VideoAlison Cook-Beatty uses Network for Good’s all-in-one software to do the job of 5 other platforms.Play VideoTrusted by growing nonprofits with 100 to 20,000 donors. Get more out of Network for Good.Want to take it to the next level? We have expert guidance, timely fundraising resources, and inspiring stories. Guides & TemplatesTurning Your Board Members Into FundraisersRead More Blog Posts6 Considerations When Writing a Successful Fundraising AppealRead More Webinars & EventsMini Virtual Conference: No Nonprofit Left BehindWatch On Demand Make the switch to simpler, smarter software.Get Started ProductWhy Network for Good?All-In-One PlatformDonor ManagementCommunicationOnline FundraisingMeasurement & TrackingEvents & AuctionsCustomer Reviews LearnResourcesBlog PostsGuides & TemplatesWebinars & EventsCase StudiesPodcast CompanyAboutOur StoryNewsroomCareers PartnershipsFor CompaniesFor FoundationsAbout NetworkforGood.orgMake a Donation HelpSupportContact UsPrivacy & Legal Policies Network for Good. 1140 Connecticut Ave NW #700 Washington, DC 20036 © 2022. Network for Good. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions html:not(.om-position-floating-top) body header.header{ top: 0px !important; }