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Specializing in beautiful, mobile-ready and affordable Shopify themes to enhance your e-commerce store. Fast, friendly support. Custom designs also available.
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"I love Premium Responsive Shopify Themes and Custom Design - Mile High Themes "

www.milehighthemes.com VS www.gqak.com

2022-05-25 03:12:35

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Learn More Top-rated Shopify themes and services from certified Shopify Experts Mile High Themes specializes in responsive, SEO-optimized Shopify themes that are designed to be user-friendly and flexible. Our themes come loaded with all the advanced features you would expect from premium themes, including advanced product filtering, extensive video support, mega menus, and much more. In addition, we offer fast, friendly support and provide services to get you up and running quickly. If you're starting a new Shopify store or need a fresh look, we'd love to speak to you. Our Premium Themes Top-rated responsive themes that are SEO-friendly and optimized for conversion. Galleria ShowTime Professional Services from a certified Shopify Expert 01 Store Setupsget up and running quickly 02 Theme Customizationfast and easy theme updates 04 Theme Upgradesget the latest features 01 Store Setupsget up and running quickly Store Setup Services Whether you purchase one of our themes or any other, we can help you get setup and ready to sell. Professional setup of all theme options and settings Home page optimized for conversions and SEO Images resized and optimized for speed We can work with any theme or migrate from another platform Much more! Learn More 02 Theme Customizationfast and easy theme updates Theme Customization Services We can handle theme customization (large or small) for any Shopify theme. Fast service and satisfaction is guaranteed. We can help customize any Shopify theme (not just ours) Contact us for a one-off quote or purchase a block of time Fast turnaround time Satisfaction guaranteed We create theme backups for safety Learn More 04 Theme Upgradesget the latest features Theme Upgrade Services Shopify themes have no automatic upgrade path, making updates daunting. We've got your back with our new theme upgrade services. We start with a detailed audit of your site All theme settings migrated to the new theme version Integrated app and custom code is brought over Products, pages, collections, blog posts, etc. are unaffected Fixed quote provided; no surprises Learn More What Our Clients Say We purchased the Showtime theme and have contracted with Mile High to make some tweaks and additions for us. Their response time has been excellent and their work flawless. They have answered all of our questions, no matter how small. Tim has gone above and beyond in helping us make our store functional and fabulous. We would highly recommend Mile High and plan to use them when we move our second website over to Shopify. Queen & Co Mile High Themes has been nothing sort of fantastic, Top level support and documentation provided with the theme. I couldn't recommended Tim & Mile High Themes highly enough. Keep up the great work. Regseeds.com Tim was amazing, his work was top notch. We were already using one of his themes, so rather than look for a different developer we decided to contact him directly about some changes we wanted to make. He had already helped us with some set up issues we had tweaking a few things on the theme, so we felt comfortable with his work ethic and integrity. Working with him on our first project was so painless it was incredibly impressive. We told him what we wanted and he made it come to life, and he did so in a short period of time. Tim's customer service is spot on and I look forward to working with him on many projects to come! Patio34 Interested in getting started with Shopify? Start Your Free Trial! Why Choose Us? We are proud to be part of the Shopify Experts program -- a carefully curated group of Shopify professionals. Read our reviews and testimonials below. Help & Support Help Center Support Policies FAQ Instagram Integration About Us Blog Terms & Conditions Contact Us Keep in Touch Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about new themes, theme updates, and special promotions. © 2022 Mile High Themes | Privacy Policy