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Although the big whisky festivals The Spirit of Amsterdam and The Spirit of Maastricht have stopped after two years of Corona silence something beautiful has come out of it: the Whisky Ways, an unprecedented whisky journey and experience with whisky masterclasses and tastings. Whisky Ways can offer you the following content of the tasting events who are all very interesting and fun to experience: Your Journey to Whisky Mastery The six whisky regions of Scotland The six whisky islands of Scotland Irish whiskey vs Scottish whisky American Bourbon's vs Scottish single malt Whisky American whiskey's, bourbons and whiskey liqueur Single malt whisky's from Japan, Taiwan and India Whisky's from The Netherlands and Belgium Tasting of expressions of one whisky brand Customized whisky masterclasses and tastings Whisky and food pairing, whisky dinners Welcome to the wonderful world of flavours Tasting whisky, the Drink of the Gods, is all about tasting the flavours of the whisky and getting into the experience. Each dram (a tasting glass) will be determined first by the basic elements of whisky: colour, nose, body, the whisky palate and the finish. After this exercise we will experience together the flavours of the spirits in more detail: fruity, floral, spicy and peaty and within these segments there are many sub flavours, about 80 in total. It's fun to discuss among the participants their own experiences of tasting the whisky and can determine which taste is their favourite. See also the pictures of one of our whisky tastings. We can design for you the perfect line-up of the single malt whisky’s your guests would like to taste. Read all about whisky tasting in 5 steps and familiarize yourself with the Whisky Flavour Wheel. Whisky Tastings Pictures of a very nice and successful whisky tasting at the business club Holland House in Brussels. Whisky Dinners Having a whisky dinner together with family and friends are one of the nicest things to experience. In cooperation with a quality restaurant or a chef we can design for you a 5 or 6 courses dinner with excellent pairing with the tastes of single malt whisky’s. An exclusive Christmas dinner at the Club Royal des Officiers du Régiment des Guides in Brussels Contact If you like to know more how we can organize an interesting and enjoyable whisky tasting and dinner for you please contact: Richard van Nieuwenhoven Helbach Whisky Ambassador E: [email protected] Cell phone & App: +31 (0)653 860 561