5 things to know for November 7: Midterms, Storms, Ukraine, Apple, Iran

By Alexandra Meeks, CNNUpdated: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 11:49:26 GMTSource: CNNMillions of people will vote across the US and its territories in key elections this week. And while the overwhelming majority o

By Alexandra Meeks, CNN

Updated: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 11:49:26 GMT

Source: CNN

Millions of people will vote across the US and its territories in key elections this week. And while the overwhelming majority of Americans will perform their civic duty without experiencing any issues, some political analysts are urging voters to be vigilant about predictable conspiracy theories that could be in circulation.

Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.

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1. Midterms

On the eve of Tuesday's midterm elections, candidates across the US are making their closing arguments before voters head to the polls. Several presidents have also descended on various states for a final midterm push. President Joe Biden is set to join a rally tonight in Maryland. Former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis held dueling events in Florida on Sunday. On Saturday, Biden made a rare joint appearance with former President Barack Obama to boost Democratic candidate John Fetterman in the key state of Pennsylvania, while Trump also held a rally in the state. Voters will decide the fate of both chambers of Congress, with all 435 seats of the House up for grabs. Thirty-five of the 100 Senate seats are also on the line -- in addition to dozens of governorships, secretaries of state and attorneys general. Find out how and when to vote in your state here.

2. Storms

Many Florida residents who are still recovering from Hurricane Ian are being asked to prepare for a possible tropical system later this week. Subtropical Storm Nicole has formed in the southwest Atlantic about 555 miles east of the Bahamas, the National Hurricane Center said, and could impact Florida on Election Day. Specifically, Tuesday's current forecast calls for breezy to gusty conditions for much of the Florida Peninsula and rain chances will increase throughout the day for central and eastern cities. Weather forecast models are showing at least 3 to 6 inches of rainfall across the state through Thursday, with isolated higher amounts possible. Meanwhile, forecasts show a second system in the Atlantic may develop, but it will not impact land over the next several days.

3. Ukraine

About 4.5 million Ukrainians have been left without power today as Russia steps up its attacks on civilian infrastructure, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky. Households across the country have been disconnected from power under an emergency schedule aimed at stabilizing the nation's fragile electric grid. Ukraine's electricity infrastructure has been under severe strain since Russia began attacking power plants on October 10, ushering in fears of a cold, dark winter. The mayor of Kyiv has encouraged some residents to think about staying with family and friends outside of the main city if it is left without electricity or water. All possible action plans are being considered in the case of an emergency, but there are no current plans to evacuate the city, according to a statement from the Kyiv City Council. 

4. Apple

Amid strong global demand for Apple's iPhone 14 lineup, the tech giant announced Sunday that shipments will be "temporarily impacted" by Covid restrictions in China. The company said in a statement that its assembly facility located in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou is "currently operating at significantly reduced capacity" due to Covid curbs. As a result, the company said it expects lower shipments of some iPhone 14 models than previously anticipated, which will cause longer wait times. It remains unclear how long the delays will be. The impacted facility has been grappling with a Covid-19 outbreak since mid-October that caused panic among its migrant workers. Last week, authorities imposed a seven-day lockdown of the area that houses the factory.

5. Iran

Iranian lawmakers have demanded that their state officials "show no leniency" to protesters as thousands of people continue to rally on the streets despite the threat of arrest. In a letter cited by state-run Press TV on Sunday, the lawmakers call for protesters to be taught a "good lesson" to deter others who threaten the authority of the Iranian government. The Islamic Republic is facing one of the biggest shows of dissent ever following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman who died after being detained by the morality police allegedly for not wearing her hijab properly. The letter was signed by 227 of Iran's 290 members of Parliament, state media said. Iran has already charged at least 1,000 people in Tehran province for their alleged involvement in the nationwide protests.


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