Analysis: The final season of 'Dead to Me' is a poignant eulogy

Analysis by Lisa Respers France, CNNUpdated: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 14:11:42 GMTSource: CNN'Health is wealth' is not just a saying, because we should all be taking the best possible care of oursel

Analysis by Lisa Respers France, CNN

Updated: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 14:11:42 GMT

Source: CNN

'Health is wealth' is not just a saying, because we should all be taking the best possible care of ourselves we can.

Believe it or not, one of the things that has been helping me lately is just carving out some chill time.

There's much to be said for slowing down -- and enjoying some quality new content that can help you escape the real world for a little bit.

Three things to watch

'Dead to Me' Season 3

The new season of "Dead to Me," starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, will be the dark comedy series' last.

As the show's title suggests, Applegate and Cardellini's characters share a deadly connection; it's the kind of twist-filled buddy series you didn't know you needed.

I am especially invested in this last season given Applegate's revelation that she has multiple sclerosis. She appears to be navigating the difficult illness with grace, humor and chutzpah, making the performance she turned in all the more remarkable.

"Dead to Me" is streaming on Netflix.

'The Santa Clauses'

Apparently I am in the minority thinking it's too soon to be all in with Christmas. Bah humbug!

That being said, Tim Allen is beloved for his turn as Saint Nick in "The Santa Clause" movies. He returns to the role in new Disney+ series "The Santa Clauses," where after 30 years as the jolly gift giver, both he and the magic of Christmas appear to be waning a bit.

What happens? You'll have to put "The Santa Clauses" on your wish list -- I mean viewing list -- to find out, as the show is streaming now.

'Tulsa King'

Sylvester Stallone has finally come to the small screen.

In this new series from "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan, he plays a mobster who, as an apparent reward for not snitching on his crime family during a long stint in prison, is sent to Oklahoma to build out a new base for Mafia operations.

If you are scratching your head, remember that Sheridan has proved to have both a keen grasp on the heartland and knack for making us fall in love all over again with movie stars (looking at you Kevin Costner).

"Tulsa King" is streaming on Paramount+.

Two things to listen to

If you have ever seen rapper Busta Rhymes perform, you know that he is straight fire. So it makes sense that his newest EP is titled "The Fuse is Lit."

On the record, the veteran MC gets an assist from some fellow lyricists, including Big Daddy Kane and Capella Grey.

Originally scheduled to drop earlier this month, Busta delayed release out of respect for the death of fellow rapper Takeoff.

"The Fuse is Lit" is out now.

Give me credit for resisting the urge to make a joke about Nickelback haters.

But it's true: for whatever reason, people either really love or really can't stand the band. Let's focus on the positive -- for those in the former category, there's new music to appreciate.

"Get Rollin'," Nickelback's tenth album, finds the Canadian rock quartet doing what they love, too.

"The thing we did that I think has brought us to this point is that we just didn't quit on ourselves, and I think that's something that a lot of people do," the band's bassist and co-founder Mike Kroeger told Billboard. "They give up on themselves and quit on themselves. I don't know if our fans just started to like our music or if they just gave up because we just kept pounding until they were going to like it."

The new album is also out now.

One thing to talk about

The 2023 Grammy nominations were announced earlier this week, with Beyoncé scoring the most nominations (nine in total).

Queen Bey had already been on my mind after Rihanna recently said she would be a dream model for her fashion label, Savage X Fenty.

The Grammys are being held on February 5. A week later Rihanna will headline the halftime show at the 2023 Super Bowl. Call me crazy, but I would love for Beyoncé to join her.

Imagine how huge it would be to have these two icons share the stage together -- even briefly.

Now I know this is pie in the sky, because Beyoncé has already been featured at the Super Bowl and it really is Rihanna's moment, but put me down as a fan of super groups. Consequently, I can't help but dream that they might join forces one day.

Heck, throw in Adele (who's also on the Grammys shortlist in multiple categories) too and make it a trio!

Something to sip on

Could we please just go ahead and find a job for Dolly Parton somewhere in the White House?

Maybe create a position like Secretary of Happiness, say, or Administrator of Goodwill.

The legendary country star recently became the recipient of the Bezos Courage and Civility Award, an honor which came along with $100 million.

Parton is extremely well known for her philanthropy. From helping to fund the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to founding the "Imagination Library" literacy program to investing royalties she earned from Whitney Houston's cover of her song "I Will Always Love You" in an office complex in a Black neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee, she is a gift that keeps on giving.

We need more of her kind of energy in this world.