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I'm a New-York-based illustrator, sculptor, web developer, etc -- I'm also the writer of Cool Stuff in Paris.
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Manning Krull | Illustration, comics, sculpture, and more
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"I love Manning Krull | Illustration, comics, sculpture, and more"

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Manning Krull I'm an illustrator, sculptor, et cetera. Hello! Paper maché I make lots of paper maché masks, sculptures, Halloween decorations, etc! Illustration Lots of old freelance illustrations, as well as some personal projects Comics I write and draw short comics, mostly around Halloween every year About me Bio, work stuff, et cetera Cryptique A phantasmagorical Mardi Gras marching krewe in New Orleans Pumpkins & Dragons A Halloweeny medieval-fantasy roleplaying game, by me Halloween animations My animated Halloween party invitations Cool Stuff in Paris A blog I started when I lived in Paris; all my favorite things in my favorite city My Africa trip My two-week camping/safari adventure all over southern Africa My Dracula blog My visit to Vlad the Impaler's castle, and other vampire nonsense My Threadless shop Why not? © Manning Krull. All rights reserved.