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Zum Inhalt springenDE EN languageSpecter AutomationBuilding software that builds our worldSOFTWARE BENEFITS ABOUT US CONTACT SOFTWARE BENEFITS ABOUT US CONTACT THE MODEL-BASED CONSTRUCTION EXECUTION SYSTEM FOR MANAGERS AND FOREMENSIMPLIFIY CONSTRUCTION EXECUTION WITH THE SPECTER DASHBOARD________________________________________  All data is consolidated in a single location, providing easy visibility into progress and data-driven decision making on-site.Our x-dimensional data environment links three core components:3D BUILDING MODELCONSTRUCTION SCHEDULEDIGITAL WEEK PLAN3D BUILDING MODEL Simple status visualization for the ongoing project Intuitive interaction through perspectives, cuts and printouts 4D extension by linking with the construction schedule X-dimensional expansion through integration of calculation data Central access to plans, photos and other documentsCONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE Clear representation of the construction process Direct link with the 3D model Easily share plan changes with stakeholders Automatic updates based on weekly planning Continuous target-actual comparisonDIGITAL WEEK PLAN Quick week plan creation through drag & drop of required tasks Automatic access to quantities, time and cost data for the relevant components Direct recording of progress on the construction site Automatic link with the execution schedule WHY USE SPECTER FOR CONSTRUCTION EXECUTION?________________________________________    We create transparency for all parties involved, reduce the site manager’s organizational burden, and help to analyze and optimize processes. Keeping the project on time and on budget.    ADVANTAGES FOR SITE MANAGERS & FOREMENADVANTAGES FOR PROJECT & BUSINESS MANAGERSADVANTAGES FOR SITE MANAGERS & FOREMEN________________________________________   Site managers and foremen are the main users of our software, their needs and ideas the guiding principles of our development. That is why we have conducted multiple months of on-site testing with diverse users, developing our solution step by step in a customized manner.    VISUALIZATION________________Display and interaction with 3D model and construction schedule DATA ACCESS________________Access to planning and calculation data, anytime & anywhere CONNECTION________________All data and plans linked with the 3D model PLANNING________________Partially automated creation of a digital weekly schedule OVERVIEW________________Overview of deliveries including individual reminders DOCUMENTATION________________Partially automated generation of construction reports COMMUNICATION________________Sharing information with involved parties RECOGNITION________________Early detection of target-actual deviationsADVANTAGES FOR PROJECT & BUSINESS MANAGERS________________________________________   Project and business managers are the buyers of our solution, their needs and ideas are the origin of our development. That’s why we conceptualized the software in co-creation with multiple construction companies for over a year.    CONSTRUCTION DATA________________On-site data generation TRANSPARENCY________________Real time overview of various projects RECALCULATION________________Recording of materials, cost and time data PRECISION________________Generation of real effort values and analyses COMMUNICATION________________Sharing information with involved parties DATA STORAGE________________Data access during and after the project KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER________________Ensuring and transferring the experience gained from the project OPTIMIZATION________________Identification of potential for increasing efficiencyCONSTRUCTION EXPERTISE MEETS INNOVATION COMPETENCE & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTG ________________________________________    Our mission is to jointly bring the construction industry into the digital era. Four cornerstones form the philosophy of our company.   COOPERATIVESPECTER Automation was created through intensive exchange with the construction industry and joint development with construction companies from Germany. Since day one, we have jointly identified problems, conceptualized solutions, and developed corresponding software. We are firmly convinced that only cooperative development involving all perspectives creates real added value. That is why we see our motto „from the industry, for the industry“ confirmed and will continue to rely on close cooperation with our innovation partners in the future.INTUITIVESite managers and foremen are our main users and the focus of the software. Their needs and ideas are the guiding principles of our development, which is why our software was tested and further developed with them during months of tests on the construction site. Only if site managers and foremen recognize the added value of our software for themselves, our software will be actively used. For this reason, user-friendliness and intuition in usage have absolute priority. Our model-based assistance system therefore supports site managers and foremen exactly where they need it the most – in the execution of organizational activities.DATA-BASED80% of all construction projects in Germany are over budget and 60% over time. The current disconnect between planning and execution means that 96% of all data remains unused in the world’s second worst digitized industry. Our data-based site management not only saves site managers and foremen important time and therefore stress, but also allows existing as well as newly collected information to be used as a basis for decision-making. Constant progress recording of the construction site and continuous target/actual comparisons make deviations from the plan transparent at an early stage and thus help to complete the project on time and within budget.PERSONALThrough our experience on the construction site, we know exactly how important personal relationships are. Data alone will not digitize the construction industry and make it more efficient – it needs the acceptance of users and all stakeholders. That is why we attach great importance to personal exchange with our partners and the joint development of solutions. We don’t want to replace site managers and foremen, but rather give them access to relevant information on the construction site, enabling better and faster decision making while minimizing their organizational effort.OLIVER EISCHETChief Executive OfficerEMANUEL GROHChief Financial OfficerNIKLAS BEESEChief Sales OfficerMAX GIERChief Technical OfficerMORITZ CREMERChief Product OfficerCLAUDIO NADENAU Software EngineerNICO NEUMANN Software EngineerLOT KADUMABIM-ExpertBIANCA GROHHR ManagerANTONIO MARUSICSoftware EngineerJAN HEINEMANNSoftware EngineerMATTHIAS ROHRERProduct DeveloperNICO ZIEGLERFounder's AssociateGET IN TOUCH ________________________________________   Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you!   PRESSInterested in our latest news or working on a story about SPECTER and want to get in touch?Then send us a message!CONTACTHELP & SUPPORTOur support team is always ready to provide you with quick answers to your questions.I need help!SEND REQUESTSALESContact our sales team to see how we can work together.Send us a message!CONTACT US Copyright 2022 Specter Automation Imprint - Privacy policy Go to Top